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We are a Full Service Company with the Expertise to keep your belongings secure


We are Customer Service Driven and your satisfaction is Guaranteed 


We give your home a "lived-in" look while you are away and provide individual services just for you 

                                                    Benefits Of Using Sylvester ProScape HomeWatch

                                                     A home with the lived-in look discourages vandals

Pet and plant care while you are away gives you peace of mind knowing your animals and plants are well cared for

                                                     Highly visible or discretionary surveillance

                                                    Insurance company approved

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When a crisis occurs, you will be glad it isn’t your neighbor watching over your home! You will have peace of mind because you have a professional service in place to handle these upsetting events. There is no worry with Sylvester ProScape Home Watch.


A crisis is handled on the spot you may need an immediate plumber, electrician, police or fire department response before we can locate you. We competently handle any crisis. This is one of the qualities you will want from a home service company like Sylvester ProScape



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